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Eram Engineering is the leading manufacturers, suppliers and providers of Road & Railway Noise Control which can be an ideal solution when sound becomes an issue within such sound sources and receivers. These sound barriers block the line-of-sight between the sound source and the person.

We provide Sound Barrier walls which are generally used to place a noise barrier within the sound source and a target population. These noise barriers are an effective means to reduce the sound impact from sound sources affecting sound-sensitive receivers. These kinds of Noise Control Barriers are used in such sectors like roads, highways, railways, retail and big-box developments, mechanical & HVAC equipment, construction sites, etc.

ERAM’s Road & Railway Noise Control Barriers are the most effective at mid and high-frequencies compare to low-frequency sounds which require the use of longer and taller sound walls for mitigation. When the sound insertion loss of a sound barrier that can be limited and often optimized to provide sufficient reduction of the offensive sounds. These Road & Railway Noise Control Barriers are well documented in height and length.


There are mainly two types of Noise Barriers:

  • Absorptive Type (sound absorbent materials and possible finishes of absorptive panels)
  • Reflective Type (Transparent & non-transparent)

These two types of sound walls Absorptive sound walls take in sound energy while reflective sound walls push sound energy back across the source away from the receiver and into the atmosphere. Absorptive and Reflective types of sound walls force sound waves to take a longer path over and around the barriers and reduce the amount of sound reaching the person. 

Features of Road & Railway Noise Control:

  • Sound absorptive & reflective aggregates
  • Lightweight
  • Acoustic facing tiles
  • Strong and durable
  • Cost-effective