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Sound barriers play an effective role to combat the noise impacting from other sound sources which affects the sound sensitive receivers. The standard Sound origin comprises of roads, highways, construction sites, Mechanical & HVAC equipment, railways, retail and big-box developments, etc. The recipients may include schools, homes/apartments, office buildings, hospitals, or even public parks. The use of sound barriers may be an ultimate solution, when noise becomes a concern between these types of sources and receivers, 

ERAM Engineering Services manufactures, supply and fixes various types of metallic noise barriers to combat noise pollution coming from linear infrastructures like roads, railways, etc.

Metal noise barriers with transparent element of ERAM Engineering Services are manufactured by using galvanized aluminium or steel panels in between polycarbonate or acrylic sheets. These Metal noise barriers with transparent element creates a sound-proof sheath inside them along with aesthetic effects. Since these Metal noise barriers are transparent it enables people to watch the sceneries of other side. The addition of a permeable peak increases the acoustic execution.

Transparent sound barrier:

Transparent sound barriers are in huge demand by railways, highways, overpasses and bridges which are most populated in urban areas. This clear sound wall has been proven as a top-notch substitute to solve the problems of visibility and noise abatement. Clear sound barrier will continue the durability of scenic landscapes while blocking traffic noises. Transparent sound barriers are purely reflective acoustic barrier and consistently gel with sound absorbing elements.

Benefits of transparent sound barriers:

  • Easy to install and is adjustable to any ground-mounted noise barrier system
  • It increases road safety and the Light-transmitting attribute permits the sunlight to pass through and prevents shadows which drops on the roadway.
  • There is no visual impurity and also gives a clarity for light to enjoy beautiful views along the way or bridge.
  • Contribution of life long service, outstanding power to resist all weathers which may cause damage from hail, wind and storm and also can be used for long period in harsh outdoor environment.
  • Clear barrier is a majestic and attractive component to cement buildings which adds an extra view to landscapes.
  • Best solution of sound pollution and vision which considerably reduce the installation time and project cost.