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Eram Engineering offers a wide range of Acoustic Foam which is an open-celled foam used for acoustic treatment. The main objective of Acoustic Foam is to improve the sound quality by reducing residual sound in any space. These Acoustic foam panels can place on walls, ceiling and floors, effectively eliminating resonance within the room. The acoustic foam also offers a sound barrier for rooms at home where is high volume activities, such as band rehearsal, violin practice or a home theater, etc. Acoustic Boards can be used in Industrial place application like an office building, meeting room, office room, studio, recording room, also in entertainment places like hotel, disco, cinema, etc.

These Acoustic Foams are usually come into cut tiles and often with pyramid or wedge shapes.

Features of Acoustic Foams:
• Acoustic foam is a lightweight
• Made from polyurethane foam either polyether or polyester
• A high rate of sound-absorption and insulation
• Compact structure, stable form, and safe constructed
• Eco-friendly
• Can be cut arbitrarily
• It reduces airborne noisy waves by increasing air resistance