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Eram Engineering is the leading manufacturer, designer, and supplier of Acoustic Hanging Baffles which are a very effective way to control sound echo to reduce reverberation time and eliminate sound reflections from the ceiling of the room.

Acoustic baffles are especially important in large spaces like Canteens, Sports stadium, Industrial spots, Malls, Recording studios, Computer and server rooms, Call centers, Theaters and Auditoriums where there’s plenty of room for sound waves to bounce around. These Soundproof hanging baffles have outstanding noise absorption capabilities which are lightweight and can be easily installed with chains and S-hooks.

Eram Engineering provides Acoustic Hanging Baffles to boost sound quality which is fitted in limited wall space and easy to move.

• Easy to hang and lightweight
• Available in various shape, size and colors
• Options of radius, mitered, and beveled edges
• Cost-effectiveness
• Versatility
• Safety and durability