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Manufacturer of Acoustic Enclosure For Generators



Eram Engineering Services having vast experience in manufacturing of Acoustic Enclosure For Generators for all types of Generators ranging from 10kVA-3000kVA. Acoustic Enclosure for Generators is made from high quality material under the supervision of highly experienced Acoustical Engineers. The Acoustic enclosures are fixed, compact in design and are fully demountable depending upon the customer’s requirement.

Before the start of the job our Skilled Engineers make a proper design, specification and detailed analysis of the product. All enclosure are manufactured keeping into account various design parameters and allows for maximum aspiration & required airflow so that engines do not overheat perform to its rated capacity. Smartly designed weather & acoustic louvers, splitter & baffles help in reducing noise and temperature.

Eram Engineering Services is prominent manufacturer & supplier of Generator Sound Proof Enclosures / Generator Sound Proof Canopy at low cost and high efficiency. Acoustic Enclosures and Sound proof canopies meet all the CPCB norms of Govt. of India for noise Pollution boards. We use the latest machines for complete fabrication and finish work. Metal sheet cutting & bending is done through high end CNC machines. As per the customers requirement complete ventilation systems and silencers are also fitted in acoustic enclosures. Acoustic enclosures are designed to resist all the vagaries of weather in extreme summer, rains and winter. Our Acoustic Enclosures serves various other industrial requirements like Blower sound proof enclosure, Silent Enclosures, Noiseless Enclosures, , Sound Proof Cabins, Heavy machine enclosure, Compressor Acoustic Enclosure, Press machine enclosure, Forging Machine Enclosure, etc.

Application Areas of Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic enclosures find extensive application in various industries and environments where noise control and sound reduction are crucial. Here are some key application areas where acoustic enclosures are commonly used:

Industrial Machinery and Equipment: Acoustic enclosures are employed to mitigate noise generated by industrial machinery and equipment. They are used to surround and contain noise-producing machinery such as compressors, generators, pumps, fans, blowers, HVAC systems, and manufacturing equipment. Acoustic enclosures help reduce noise levels, creating a quieter and more comfortable working environment for operators and nearby personnel.

Power Generation Facilities: Acoustic enclosures play a vital role in power generation facilities, including power plants, substations, and generator sets. They are used to enclose noisy equipment such as gas turbines, diesel generators, steam turbines, and cooling systems. Acoustic enclosures help comply with noise regulations, protect workers' hearing health, and minimize noise pollution in surrounding areas.

HVAC Systems: Acoustic enclosures are utilized in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems to reduce noise generated by air handling units, chillers, cooling towers, and other HVAC components. By enclosing these noisy elements, acoustic enclosures help create a quieter and more comfortable indoor environment in commercial buildings, hospitals, educational institutions, and other facilities.

Test Chambers and Laboratories: Acoustic enclosures are used in test chambers and laboratories where precise and controlled acoustic environments are required. These enclosures provide a controlled acoustic environment by attenuating external noise and preventing sound leakage. They are commonly used in acoustic testing, research and development, audiology labs, anechoic chambers, and noise measurement facilities.

Data Centers: Acoustic enclosures find application in data centers to control noise levels generated by cooling systems, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) units, and server racks. These enclosures help maintain a quieter working environment and protect sensitive equipment from external noise interference.

Broadcast and Recording Studios: Acoustic enclosures are utilized in broadcast studios, recording studios, and soundproof rooms to control external noise intrusion and provide an optimized acoustic environment. These enclosures help achieve high-quality audio recordings, minimize background noise, and create a controlled sound environment for broadcasting and recording purposes.

Residential and Commercial Buildings: Acoustic enclosures are used in residential and commercial buildings to reduce noise transmission from external sources such as traffic, industrial sites, and airports. They can be employed in windows, HVAC units, rooftops, and other areas to improve indoor sound insulation and create a quieter living or working environment.

Construction Sites: Acoustic enclosures are utilized in construction sites to minimize noise pollution and protect surrounding areas from excessive construction noise. They are commonly employed around equipment such as pile drivers, concrete pumps, jackhammers, and other machinery to reduce noise levels and comply with noise regulations.

These are just a few examples of the diverse application areas where acoustic enclosures are employed. The versatility and effectiveness of acoustic enclosures make them essential in industries and environments where noise control and sound reduction are paramount.