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ERAM Engineering Services is engaged in manufacturing, designing, supplying and installation of Building Noise Control Systems. The main areas of noise pollution are Noise Generating machines, Fan and Blower Noise, Cooling Tower / Chiller Noise, transportation noise, Music System / amplified sounds. This noise pollution frequently affects the health of people working in both indoor and outdoor areas like office / manufacturing plant or occupying areas.

ERAM Engineering Services has come up with different mechanisms to overcome noise pollution from Industrial machinery, interior spaces to protect the workers at their work substation. ERAM Engineering Services has developed miscellaneous techniques to balance interior and exterior sound levels to control the desired noise level.

At the site place, as per site surroundings, our expert technicians evaluate noise control and advise the best suitable option to achieve desired noise reduction. Unique techniques of ERAM Engineering Services include consist of different design of Acoustic Doors / Windows, Acoustically treated louvers, exterior Noise Barrier and Acoustic baffles for Echo Control, acoustic wall and ceiling treatment, Sound proof partitions etc. for Interior Noise Control.

Also, there is broad range of different ways to temper the echo generated from special rooms like concert halls, auditorium, entertainment and social venues, meeting rooms, dining areas, recording rooms etc.

Basic mechanisms for Noise Control:
• Sound insulation blocks the noise transference by way of a mass barrier, High-density materials.
• Sound absorption is a permeable element which perform as a ‘noise sponge’ by transforming the sound energy into heat within the material.
• Introduction of a flexible material or a physical break, vibration isolation can arrest the passing of vibration energy from a source to a receiver.
• The vibration damping technique functions by unsheathing the vibration energy from the thin sheet and consuming it as heat and is suitable for huge vibrating surfaces.