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Metallic Noise Barrier is based on the aspects like durability, aesthetics, cost and maintenance on the surrounding area and environment. ERAM Engineering Services has the expertise in providing perfect solution to your problems related to Noise pollution. Metallic Noise Barriers of ERAM Engineering Services are very economical to protect your surroundings noise free. ERAM Engineering Services manufactures one-sided or two sided sound absorbing materials to reduce the noise level. With the help of lightweight modular panels and/or louvers, Absorptive noise control barriers maintain maximum noise reduction.

ERAM Engineering Services manufactures Metallic noise barriers composed of acoustic material located vertically or horizontally between the support’s railings. Metallic noise barriers allow a large architectural elasticity (colors, motifs, structures) and their illumination allows to produce them quickly. These Metallic noise barriers are detaching and permeable regarding devices for the reduction of road traffic noise.

The material of Metallic noise barriers is made in aluminum or galvanized steel. A punched grill in aluminum safeguards the mechanical protection of the absorbent material. Metallic noise barriers are commonly located at the corner of the road to exhibit traffic noise. Height of Metallic noise barriers is normally higher than other types. Commonly traffic noise levels are increased for occupants of vehicles.


ERAM Engineering Services metallic noise barriers are very worth for industrial noise, highway noise, airport noise,construction noise, railway and metro lines noise etc. These metallic noise barriers are particularly designed to suit the Indian geography and climatic conditions. ERAM Engineering offers a complete service from manufacturing, delivery till installation. All our materials are tested as per quality standards throughout the stage of manufacture and before delivery to confirm high performance.


Metal is renowned for its sturdiness and longevity and its galvanized coating also supports to certify its durability. The metallic noise barrier will combat the strong winds and storms. In case of any malicious intention or a deadly motto, these strong metallic noise barriers are a source of prevention.

  • The noise barrier sheets have rubber lining at the joint to ensure it is soundproof
  • Aluminium nor steel are affected due to rust or corrosion and hence the composite material is a sound choice.
  • The metallic noise barriers are composed of aluminium or steel that are galvanized to confirm their resistance to all kinds of weather. The barrier sheets too have UV coating to confirm that they are not hampered by the atmosphere.
  • The metallic noise barriers are rated as fire constraint material.
  • The metallic noise barrier sheets are light in weight and suggested for installation in various locations like flyovers, bridges and also used as noise barriers for overhead metro lines.