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We, Eram Engineering are leading manufacturers, suppliers, and providers of Acoustic Hanging Cloud which is a one-sided acoustic panel that can be hung parallel to the ceiling of a room or at any other angle. These Acoustic Hanging Clouds are made entirely from sustainable materials.

Acoustic Hanging Clouds are often used where a hard reflective ceiling is exposed and pipes don’t leave ductwork on the ceiling room for direct ceiling attachment. These Acoustic Hanging Clouds prevent sound that travels toward the ceiling and then as it bounces back to the floor. The acoustic sound clouds are normally suspended from a wire or S-hooks. These Acoustical Ceiling Clouds are the perfect solution used in offices, gymnasiums, restaurants, religious facilities and any other room where wall space is limited.

Features of Acoustic Hanging Cloud:
• Naturally fire retardant
• Easy installation
• Soundproof
• This is long lasting and durable
• It has a great looks