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We, Eram Engineering are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Noise control solutions which are widely used in construction sites where is possible to shift easily and erect at other location. This Noise control solution’s STC rating is up to 50 STC to protect nearest areas from construction machines noise.

Eram Engineering’s effective mitigation tool for reducing unwanted noise from construction machines like Mobile and transportable Absorptive Noise Barrier Walls. These are absorptive noise walls, absorptive sound walls that absorb the sound waves and provide noise elimination. The reflective sound walls are made of concrete, block or metal and merely reflect the sound waves in a different direction, and can actually create new or unexpected noise problems as a result.

Eram Engineering’s Mobile Noise Barrier can be set to identify any noise source and left there as long as necessary when the need at a particular location is over, the walls can be relocated to a different site.

We provide the most effective portable noise reducing solution Mobile Sound Barrier Wall which is available at outperforming, outlasting and outmaneuvering all other temporary sound barrier walls in its class.

FFeatures of the Construction Site Noise control:
• Fully Absorptive
• Light-weight
• Non-corrosive
• Cost-effective • Easy to assemble and disassemble
• Choose any color
• Modular Design
• Water/Moisture resistant • Choose any color
• Will not rust, rot, or stain
• Strong and durable